Per Diem Scheduling

Find the Right Caregiver in Seconds

You are going to LOVE BlueSky Per Diem scheduling, because with BlueSky, it never been easier, whether you are staffing W-2, 1099 or both types of workers. BlueSky pulls all of your data together into a simple to manage staffing solution. Based on how you want to set up system permissions you can have your caregivers and facilities manage different parts of the process making your job easier!

  • Caregiver availability and Facility/Unit shift calendars
  • Candidate Search functionality provides a list of qualified and available caregivers to the top allowing you to sort and choose the best person for the job based on a range of qualifications:
    • Oriented
    • Unit Approved
    • Major Specialty
    • Years’ experience
    • Mileage from site
    • Hide DNRs
  • Run a margin calculator to manage profitability
  • Enhanced Communications are built in
    • Send custom caregiver profiles directly from bluesky
    • Post jobs to your custom bluesky job board
    • Send mass email, text and/or phone calls about available jobs
    • All with the click of a button!