BlueSky Vendor Management System

Cloud-based VMS automates your contingent staffing process, allowing hospitals and healthcare staffing agencies to recruit and place higher quality talent with a faster speed to market.

BlueSky Healthcare VMS is the software solution of choice for healthcare systems, hospitals and Managed Service Providers (MSP's).  Originally developed to manage the entire contract workforce of a large urban hospital system, BlueSky has expanded its' VMS offering to encompass staffing agencies who desire to be their own MSP.

Easy access portals for care or service providers, workers, and/or partner agencies encompass some of the following:

  • Web and mobile app for schedules, credentials,  historical records, and easy communication
  • Instantaneous messaging of requested orders to workers for just-in-time needs with real-time responses from caregivers
  • Pre-packaged credential templates streamlines your workflow
  • Fill-rate reporting
  • Unlimited work history reporting for accurate record-keeping
  • Online review of invoice reconciliation for easy access
  • Real-time view of input orders with easy to read specific instructions for any special requirements

fill worker vacancies
BlueSky can give each healthcare facility unit their own VMS portal login to quickly fill caregiver vacancies. Subcontracting agencies can have their own unique portals to effortlessly communicate with you, or directly with the departments they are staffing.


We understand workflows vary, so we give you a flexible VMS platform that allows you to automate and streamline processes you didn't even think you could. For instance, BlueSky allows you to customize time and attendance, payroll and invoicing, allowing you to quickly capture time and attendance, get approvals and streamline payments and invoicing saving you time, paperwork and money.

Joint commission certified
Joint commission requirements have always been a main focus of BlueSky. Many agencies achieve and maintain their certification through the power of the BlueSky.

BlueSky works for you
BlueSky is not just a pass-through Vendor Management System; it is a secure storehouse actively helping you. Whether it’s automating the way you track time and attendance or tracking fill rates and budget spend, BlueSky offers a healthcare specific VMS solution that’s right for you.

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